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BioNET Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment

BioNET Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment

BioNET® reactor contains porous compressible carriers which offers large surface area for the interception of suspended solids and growth of microorganisms. BioNET ® is great for the removals of ammonium and dissolved organics from wastewater and deteriorated water source. The bioreactor has stable and excellent effluent quality for wide ranges of influent quality, hydraulic retention time and field conditions. 


Schematic diagram of BioNET reactor

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  • Treatment of low-strength wastewater
  • Removal of residual organic compounds following the secondary treatment to reduce the chemical cost for subsequent treatments
  • Pretreatment of raw water to remove ammonium and dissolved organics from contaminated water source
  • Pretreatment for wastewater reclamation


  • High biomass concentration
  • High solid retaining capacity
  • High microbial diversity
  • Short hydraulic retention time
  • High oxygen utilization efficiency
  • Simple operation and maintenance


  • US 6682653
  • NL 1019528
  • CN ZL01140206.7
  • TW 206418

    Full scale secondary effluent treatment plant


    Full scale water treatment plant

    Full-scale applications of BioNET

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