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Chemical Oxidation Technology : The Fenton Family

Chemical Oxidation Technology : The Fenton Family

Fenton process is an advanced oxidation process (AOP) that Fenton's reagent (H2O2/ Fe2+) is used to generate OH radical for chemical oxidations. ITRI's Fenton family technologies include two major types of Fenton reactor, Fered-Fenton and FBR-Fenton. Fered-Fenton is applied to the pre-treatment of high strength wastewater, while FBR-Fenton is to treat residual refractory compounds for the polishing of wastewater. 



Schematic diagram of FBR-Fenton reactor

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• Refractory organic wastewater treatment
• Colored wastewater treatment
• Surfactant wastewater treatment


• Reduce 70-80% of sludge production compared to conventional Fenton process
• Improve biodegradability of wastewater
• Effective removal of color from wastewater
• Small footprint


• US 6126838, 6143182
• NL 1009661
• TW 449574, 524779, 309506,
• DE 19835592
JP 9314153

4000 m3/d Full-scale FBR-Fenton reactor for ABS resin industry 

Fered-Fenton reactor for a PCB plant

Full-scale Applications of Fenton Process


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