Water Treatment
Water Treatment

Qwater Emergent Water Treatment System

Qwater Emergent Water Treatment System

Conventional water supply system does usually not function properly during disaster period, in remote area, or with high turbidity influent. Qwater is design as a quick installed mobile drinking water supply system during disasters or used regularly in remote areas. Qwater has been installed and operated successfully in several cases for providing safe drinking water.

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• Disaster relief : Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan.
• Simple water system : Lofu Elementary school, Dharma Drum Mountain
• Water station
• Decentralized water treatment system

Lofu Elementary School, Taiwan

MPWiK Wroclaw, Poland

Qwater Boat

Qwater Car

• Quick installation : Assembled within 20 minutes by two persons.
• Quality water : Producing high quality drinking water.
• Quantity supply : Small unit for high volume production (15m3 /day within 2.5 m3)
• TW M429518
• CN ZL 2012 2 0058273.8

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