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Anammox Process- Energy Saving Biological Nitrogen Removal Technology

Technical introduction

Anaerobic ammonia oxidation (Anammox) process is a novel biological nitrogen removal technology.  Nitrite is an electron acceptor and ammonium is oxidized to nitrogen gas through Anammox biochemical reaction. The doubling time of Anammox bacteria is about 7-10 days, thus seeding source, reactor design and operation conditions are important factors for applying Anammox process for nitrogen removal.

NH4++ 1.32 NO2-+ 0.066 HCO3- + 0.13 H+ → 1.02 N2+ 0.26 NO3-+ 0.066 CH2O0.5N0.15 + 2.03 H2O

According to the reaction, oxygen consumption of Anammox process is about 1/3 of A/O process, it is an energy saving nitrogen removal process.

Detailed technical introduction


  • Low carbon-high ammonia nitrogen wastewater, such as petrochemical and high tech industries
  • Reject water of municipal WWTP
  • Advanced nitrogen removal process


  • Molecular biological analysis for nitrogen removal bacteria
  • Seeding source of Anammox bacteria
  • Fast start-up (1 kg N/m3-d within 3 months)
  • Reactor design and optimum operation


  • TW I386347,I522322,I527727
  • US 8,057,673
  • CN ZL201210580420.2

Enriched Anammox bacteria

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