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Ultrasound Technology for Waste Sludge Treatment

Ultrasound Technology for Waste Sludge Treatment

Ultrasound cell disintegration is an promising technology for waste sludge treatment. The frequency of ultrasound is operated at 20 kHz or greater. It produces cavitation effect generating intensive shear force and free radicals for enhancement of sludge disintegration. Ultrasound can be readily combined with biological treatment units in wastewater treatment process to provide a simple and effective solution for waste sludge treatment with small footprint and significant cost reduction.

The key components of ultrasound hardware

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• Sludge reduction
- Combined with aerobic biological treatment  

• Pretreatment of anaerobic digestion
- Combined with anaerobic biological treatment




• High sludge reduction
• High sludge disintegration
• Improvement in biodegradability
• Short hydraulic retention time
• Increase biogas production
• No chemical addition


• TW I396585, I492785
• US 9,169,135, 9,340,442
• CN ZL201010295408.8 

Ultrasound hydrolysis system
for waste sludge

Specifications of ultrasound
hydrolysis system for waste sludge

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